Firefox Volante 700C Review | Understanding bicycling culture with this pedal rocket


We’ve come through some very turbulent times, having lived through a pandemic that put a lot of industries in the doldrums. Not all though. Being locked indoors brought the focus on many to their fitness and what better way than to bicycle your way out of the house for a bit? The bicycle industry stepped onto a growth trend and hasn’t stopped since.
A lot of us had been working from home still and a ride on the bike makes for a brilliant way to break out of the 9-5 cycle. We wanted in as well on the bicycle culture and try to understand what’s all the rage about. And so, Firefox sent us a brown box containing the Volante 700C.

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First things first, it comes 95 percent assembled, so you must put the rest of the five percent together on your own (or get it done at your nearest Firefox store, either way). The point is that it is a very simple task. And this coming from someone who had never assembled a bike before, believe it.
The Volante 700C is pegged as a hybrid bike with a flat and straight handlebar and has rather upright riding position that adds to how long you can spend on the saddle. While it would help, the bike doesn’t demand the rider to be clad in spandex. It gets 700X 35 C nylon tyres that offer good traction on city roads. Couple that with large and sturdy double-walled alloy rims, and the ride is super smooth.

firefox volante 700c bike review gear tyres

Volante’s is an alloy frame (which comes in 46cm, 50 cm, 53cm options) that’s lightweight and finished well. It gets an alloy rigid fork that offers fair comfort over rough patches and you can rely on it to go fast. Plus, it won’t ask for maintenance a lot. The ends of the handlebar are wide and provide a nice place to gently rest your wrists, which definitely helps plenty. The pedals are nice and wide too and not a single slip happened during the rides.
The Volante comes with 18-speed gears with Microshift Marvo 2X9 S shifter. The gearshifts are swift and responsive. The bike offers a very wide range of gears for inclines or declines or for going fast on flat sections of the road. Speaking of which braking is bitey from its hydraulic discs on either end.

firefox volante 700c bike review gear price.

So, all in all, the Volante 700C helped sell the idea of a bicycle to me. Now that we’re heading back to work, a bike like this will be more than brilliant for not just doing early morning rides but also commutes to work (if it is not a double-digit figure of distance away).
There isn’t much that we didn’t like about the bike, including the price (Rs 36,000), except the position of the side stand which locks the pedal in at times and can be annoying. Besides that, the bike’s built and finished well, and it is lightweight so bringing it to a highrise apartment is not a problem, it rides smoothly, stops well, and comes across as a sturdy, reliable product. It may have put us in the habit of always having a bicycle in the house, for the sake of physical and mental health.


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